A document management software that promotes the optimization and automation of workflows.

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Document management and streamlining processes are essential for the proper performance of any company.

The bluDMS is a document management software, client / server, allowing decentralized access to information, a corporate and scalable solution with integrated workflow. Promotes the optimization and automation of workflows, improves communication in the company at the same time minimizing the risk of information leakage.

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The adoption of bluDMS is an investment with a great ROI, dramatically reducing the costs associated with managing, archiving and manipulation of information.

Try it Free 60 days without commitment.


The implementation of document management and workflow system bluDMS suppresses operational difficulties and has the following advantages:


Dematerialization of documentation and associated process, reducing the need for physical file space.


Speed in demand, availability, access and processing of documents.


Standardization of documents, their characterization, file criteria and procedures.

Optical Recognition

Optical recognition of the content of the documents.

Flow of information

Pre-defined or had-hoc flows, with record of all steps in the life cycle of documents.


Automation and standardization of work processes, accompanied by efficient management of timelines.


Administrative gains and procedural efficiency with consequent cost reduction.

Decentralized access and / or Azure

Possibility of remote access to databases (byTCP) as well as hosting in the cloud, covering the SQL Azure.


Synchronization with Google Drive and Microsoft OneDrive.


Platform protected by security certificates and data encryption. Use with various permission levels, supported on user profiles.


Simple and intuitive to use, focused on ergonomics and usability.

Technical Support

Online technical support 24/7 via ticket system and FAQs.

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